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Services of MKM Edu Solutions

College admissions

MKM EDU SOLUTIONS is a name to reckon with in the sector of college admissions for management & other professional services in an around India , we are always striving hard for excellence in providing you the best services regarding admissions to the best management institutes(BBA,MBA & PDGM Courses)& other technical related sector of admissions for BCA,BTECH,MCA & OTHERS.

We are an EDU SOLUTIONS with a vision in providing excellence collaborating opportunities between students & their would be alma mater. We consult & counsel each and every student with minute details of providing the best admission opportunity keeping in mind their aspirations and affordability to do the same.

We also give valued inputs to the students about the institutes regarding college facilities, track record of campus interviews, mode of fees structures, faculty & training opportunities etc in order to full fill their dreams in to reality.


Placement plays and unique roll in matching the demand & supply gap in the job market.

We at MKM EDU SOLUTIONS after proper screening of the prospective candidates, make sure of marking right placement for the right person in the fortune 500 companies & blue chip institutions over & around our motherland –INDIA.

Corporate Traning

Corporate Training symbolizes the systematic development of an employee in order to bloom in a professional way. It may comprises of formal university or college degrees or informal training provided by other non collegiate institutions.

The most common and sought after corporate training programmes are the design and well structured in-house for an organization that may trained their employee unspecific aspects of their job process or responsibilities.

We at MKM EDU SOLUTIONS always make emphasize education as a holistic human resource approach to determine the performance evaluation of the prospective corporate trainee as part of our review system.

In today’s world excellent English is essential in organizations that communicate internationally. Improved communication efficiency popularly known as soft skills helps the employees to achieve their pre defined goals according to their potential.

To meet the demand for higher level English in work place, we at MKM EDU SOLUTIONS helps to offer both general & business English, communication skills trainee as well as evaluation English skills.

Our experts helps our training teams to equip your staff with the language to express their opinions in a professional way.

Career Counsellening

It is also an important & integral part of career development. The focus career counselling is generally on the issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development, & other career related issues. Career counselling comprises of wide variety of professional activities which help people deal with career related challenges.

We at MKM EDU SOLUTIONS under expert supervision of career counsellors offers a wide variety of counselling services to explore career options, to help the professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time to raise their child or people seeking employment.

MBA & PGDM & BBA Professional Coaching & Project & Thesis Guide:

Professional courses like MBA & PGDM & BBA etc are very important topic nowadays among the students fraternity for building high profile career opportunities. In the same approach we assist students in ensuring their destinations regarding their professional coaching, project & thes is under the supervision of our experts.

Professional CV/Resume making:

In order to focus & market one’s CV or Resume, one has to be very professional in approach. A CV or Resume is the most important appliances why soliciting for a job.

If a resume poorly presented & badly showcased, then the fortune of getting a pre targeted job will never materialize.

Here lies the necessity & importance for making a professional CV or Resume which we at MKM EDU SOLUTIONS execute in a thoroughly professional way.

It not only enriches the exposure & confidence of a prospective candidates for bagging a coveted job, but also enhances the professional approach of the candidate.

Content Writing:

Content writing is the art showcasing any message object or Predefined target of the entity